Core Values

Faith in God

Integrity of character

Love and respect for every person

Pursuit of excellence

Commitment to the nation

Genuine concern for the environment

Dimensions Of Holistic Development

1. Physical Fitness (Growing in stature)

Healthy, agile and vibrant students

Physical exercise/Aerobics

Sports and games

Manual work/Sramadan

Yoga/Martial Arts

Health & Hygiene

Skills in First Aid

Personal grooming/Etiquette

2. Intellectual competence

Curiosity to learn Systematic observation

Scientific temper and logical reasoning

Critical and creative thinking

Skills in listening and speaking

Reading, writing and numerical ability

Ability to organize one’s work

Ability to discern and take decisions

Confidence to handle problems

Skills in fine arts and appreciate art and culture

Excel in one’s work

3. Personal, Interpersonal and Societal Skills

A. Personal Skills

Emotional maturity: self knowledge, self esteem, self confidence, self reliance

Courage and conviction

Time management

Goal setting

Resource management

Adaptability to unfamiliar situations

B.Interpersonal skills



Empathy and sensitivity

Tolerance and acceptance

Sharing and caring

Appreciation for the fellow beings

C. Societal Skills

Knowledge of the constitutional rights and duties of a citizen

Commitment to the society

Awareness of the cultural heritage

Concern for the underprivileged in the society

Responsiveness to the environment

4. Spiritual Growth

Devotion to God

Value consciousness and moral integrity

Interest and ability to pray

Knowledge of sacred scriptures

Application of values in daily life

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