Onam in Devamatha

Onam was celebrated on 2nd August. Teachers and children draped in Kerala traditional attire, blended with the festive air of the celebrations. Mr. I P Paul, the mayor of Thrissur, and chief guest of the day, gave the Onam message. The cultural programme put up by the teachers and students, which included Onapattu, Onakalli, a dance form of Kerala and enactment            of the Mahabali, brought out the relevance and importance of the festival. Beautiful Pookalams made by children and teachers rendered color to the festive spirit. The mega event of the day was the Onam Sadya for the whole of Devamatha family, prepared and served  by students , staff members and PTA members , ending on a sweet note with payasam.



Quiz Programme.

The National Develpoment Agency, promoted by the Government of India, has arranged a Quiz Programme, Genius Assembly on 17th August 2011 by Grand Master, Dr G. S. Pradeep, to select delegates to Smart India Global India Summit 2012. Students from 15 schools of Thrissur Dist participated in the contest . Among the 3 finalists 2 students were from Devamatha CMI Public School . Master Aarjith Damian Davis of Std IX A and Master Neeraj VR of St d XII are selected for Global Genius Summit 2011.



Joythi Sahi - a renewed painter 

 Students of Devamatha organised an exhibition of their paintings for the renowned painter Sri Jyothi Sahi. He enthralled the children with his mastery of his brush, with a painting and gave the message of love and peace and encouraged the budding artist to leave his or her mark behind



Going Global, Growing Globally :


The challenges of spoken English with English giving an ever growing significance in social employment sectors, Devamatha CMI Public School has taken another step to impart better quality of English to students in the programme- ‘Going Global, Growing Globally’. Ms. Ranjini Haridas, the anchor of the much celebrated ‘Star Singer’ programme, inaugurated the function by unveling the action plan.  Its  aim is to be globally intelligible and its objectives are :
1.   Academic excellence
2.   To develop one’s personality
3.   To avail better career guidance.

Devaites always  aspire towards Growing Globally.

The winners of the Kalyan Kids Fest :

Mathew J  
II D   Best performer
Chris Rose 
II D Painting First
Maria .  
IV C Painting  Second


Kintergarten Vidyarambham and Fresher’s Day Celebration
The tiny tots of Kinterworld were initated into the world of learning. Rev Fr Josy Kattukaran CMI, Councilor for finance of Devamatha Province, the Chief Guest of the day blessed the tiny tots. He spoke at length on the vision of the school and the importance of education. He winded up teaching the delighted kiddes a beautiful song on peace. Children from each class presented “offerings” in a beautiful ceremony.


Vidyarambham was followed by Fresher’s Day Celebrations. The children of UKG entertained their little friends with dances choreographed on foot- tapping numbers.



Blessing of the new classrooms

Three new classrooms for std VII  students was blessed and inaugurated by Provincial Manager, Rev Fr Paul Achandy.



Orientation Programme for Parents

Orientation programme for the parents and students of Std  I to X was held in the auditorium at 2 pm.(From 8 of June to 24 June) Rev Fr Shaju Edamana addressed the parents on “Effective parenting “ to help their wards towards good formation in the following areas:

a. To strive for Academic Excellence

b .In Communicative Skills

c . Personality Development


He thanked the outgoing PTWA members for their relentless service rendered for the betterment of the school and children. The session ended with the election of new  PTWA members and interaction with the teachers.



One more bus to Devamatha School


The new bus was blessed by Rev Fr Paul Achandy and Rev Fr Shaju Edamana. Rev Fr Joshy and Fr Paulson, the Vicus Provincial graced the occasion.   The driver of the bus took the Std IV students for a pleasure trip within the school campus.



From Norway to Devamatha

Mr. Eric Hoivold with his family of four kids joined Devamatha CMI Public School. His children Endre took admission in Std IX, Kaya in Std VI, Selma in Std III and Eslin in UKG respectively.



Induction Programme

All the teachers reported on 2 of May. There was an induction program for new entrants to give them a sense of belongingness in the Devamatha family and to familiarize them with the school environment. There was an orientation program for the teachers by Rev Fr Syriac Kanichai, Rev Fr Paul Pottackal, Mrs Mrudula Madhu and Rev Fr Jose Pellishery to refresh and recharge their teaching and communicative skills. The workshop highlighted the delicate nuance of English accent and taught them the basics of phonetics.

Gearing up the staff- Workshop for teachers.




Mission Year

Inauguration of school level activity as part of this year being observed as “Mission Year” of the Catholic Church in India, was conducted at Devamatha CMI Public School, with a cultural programme. Fr. Andrews Athappilly inaugurated the event in the function presided over by Fr. Shaju Edamana, Principal, Devamatha School. Cultural Programmes were also presented by teams from the Chanda Diocese, Maharashtra.



The proud of being an Indian

Devaites celebrated the 65th Independence Day in the school campus. Fr.Thomas Vazakkala , councellor for Social Apostalate and , Fr. Syriac Madathikandathil graced the occation. The tri colour flag was hoisted by Fr. Syriac. He advised the students to be careful with each minor thing  in their life.Patrotic songs and tableau added colour to the programme. The Assumption of blessed Virgin Mary was also celebrated. Students took part in the Holy Qurbana.



Children’s films are fun 


Students of Std XII D made a short film entitled Educere. The direction, screenplay and acting were done by the students. The story is about Mathewkutty who seeks the help from Blessed Chavara to get more marks in the examinations. Later on, he turns to be an ideal student through Fr. Chavara’s advice.

Ms. Nisha C.L.,Ms. Shaniba N.M., K.P. Govind Mallan, and Sreehari Sukumaran were the actors. Kevin J Ponore was the director. Camera was weilded by Nikhil Sukumaran. Associate director was Clins F Kuriakose and art director was Bittu Baby.

Indeed they are the ‘Wonder Kids’ of Devamatha.





Hard work pays off:

Monith Agarwal, Akshay K Ambi, Siraj K Joyji, Krishna Prasad A.R. and Jose Davis – the stars of the Commerce Department secured commendable grades in All India C.A. Entrance Examination conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.





The Gems of Devamatha:

1 Master Anujath Sindhu Vinaylal of Std. I D was awarded the 1st place in the All Kerala Children’s    Painting Competition organized by Balarama. He is a gold medal champion and won a cash prize of Rs.10, 000

2  Nihal Sarin of Std 11 B was awarded 1st prize in the All Kerala Chess Tournament organized by the All Kerala Chess Association at Calicut.
He was placed in the 12th position at the National Level Chess Tournament held at Pune.

    Congratulations… Anujath and Nihal. You have made us proud!.





    Pinning Education and Cultural Exchange

    Devamatha has association with Virgo Fidelis Convent Senior School London. As part of the pinning education programme a team of seven teachers -Mrs. Sheela Thomas, Mrs. Mersalin George, Mrs. Lini J Paul, Mrs. Jiji, Mrs. Mettilda Jesma and three students - Kumari Anmary Paul, Master Butto Robert,  Master Amal A  left for London on 27 May  for a period of 24 days. It aimed at the professional development of teachers to upgrade the pedagogy and School Organization. They were greatly indebted to Rev Fr Shaju Edamana, Rev Fr Joy Alappat and Sr. Berneditte , the head teacher of Virgo Fidelis Convent Senior School, London who paved the way for teachers and students.






    Invoking God’s blessings to the temple of learning is a good start of formal education at Devamatha. Vidharambham for students of Std XI was conducted with great honour. The function was inaugurated by Fr Paul Achandy manger provincial of the Dvamatha Province. Mrs. Paul Rose senior coordinator,  Mr. Biju Xavier staff secretary and school Leader Master Kevin Kandanattu.





    Environmental Awareness Seminar

    An environmental  awareness seminar was conducted by Ms. Lincy Varghese , a teacher trainee from Mar Theophilus Training College, Trivandrum for the students of Std VIII. She was able to instill in the children a need for Environment Conservation with the help of visual aid. 





    Inauguration of CCA and CLUB

    CCA for the new academic year was inaugurated by the budding artist of Std ID Master Anujath Sindhu Vinaylal . He has won many laurels at a very young age. At the state level he stood First in the drawing competition held by Balarama, YMCA and CBSE and Second prize in clay modeling. Rev Fr Shaju Edamana gave a brief description on various club activities and new items added this year.CCA teachers were given a warm welcome by the students and teachers.






     The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. The school reopened after the summer vacation. It brought life into the quiet corridors and classrooms as the Devites walked in smiling in their new school uniform .During the morning assembly Rev Fr Shaju Edamana welcomed the new entrants and addressed the students to grow up in wisdom and in stature with God and man. He stressed on the these three main points for the students

    1 To strive for Academic Excellence

    2. Improvement in Communicative Skills

    3. Personality Development

    Kumari Betsy of XA, Mrs. Mary Bridget and Mr. Eric Hoivold from Norway shared their thoughts on how they felt to be part of the Devamatha family.





The Mega Event – The Talent Fest 

The Talent Fest – its main objective is to bring out the talents of the students to the fore front and give them the exposure and  confidence which is the excellence of all round development. The Cine actress Rima Kallingal inaugurated the function. She inspired the students to know their very self and avail every opportunity  that  knocks at the door. After the inaugural function, competition ranging from speaking skills, visual arts and other performing arts were conducted. Students were in high spirits, their talents blossomed, confidence rose, training thrilled and personalities were born.



The three days’ long event finally concluded on 6th. The guest of honour for the Valedictory function was Shivaji Guruvayoor, a cine actor. He conveyed the message to the students that dramas and films should be the channels to convey good ideas to people. He gave away  the  prizes to all the winners.



Manager’s Day and Merit Day

Devamatha Family accorded festive greetings to the Provincial and Manager of Devamatha Province in the school auditorium. Students of Std VIII put on an exhilarating dance in honor of him. In his speech, he urged the students to dwell in this divine institution with strong faith, inculcate good values in education and do their very best in every sphere of life. This was followed by the Award Day celebration. Sri. IP Paul Hon Mayor of Thrissur, Fr.Paulson Paliakara CMI, Vicar Provincial, Devamatha Province, Rev Dr Paul Achandy, Provincial and Manager, Devamatha Province, Mr. Stanley Thomas K, PTWA member, Kumari Neha James Student Representative were the guest of the day. Sri IP Paul Honored the toppers of X and XII Board Exam. Rev Dr Paul Achandy CMI gave away the prizes for Proficiency, Full Attendance and English Toppers of class I to XII. Rev Fr Paulson Palikir facilitated all the department for their Relentless Service rendered and keep the flag of Devamatha flying higher.


Knowledge is Power. Sharing Knowledge transforms it into force. A force which changes individuals and organization for good. We all improve ourselves personally and professionally all the time. If only we could share with others how we changed our lives and work for good, the institution and even the entire society may benefit. This new bulletin intends just that sharing of Knowledge and Experiences. It is an opportunity for all to bring change for good.



Vayana Varam

According to the great essayist Francis Bacon “Reading maketh a Full  man, Conference a Ready man and Writing an Exact man”. 
Malayalam Reading week was observed in the school,  as part of which various literary contests like poetry writing,  poster making highlighting the importance of reading were conducted with the intention of making the children aware of relevance and importance of Mother tongue and give due recogination. The function was inaugurated by Sree VG Thambi, a  profound writer .In his thought provoking speech he stressed the importance of reading  and writing which is very essential in developing  Personality Drive in students. One can achieve Kudos in Literary work only through constant hard work .



My First Day at School

The little ones of the Kindergarten began their formal schooling.UKG students gave a warm welcome to their little brothers and sisters.




ACMI Scholarship

ACMI Devamatha has donated 6.5 lakh as scholarship for 400 students from 60 aided and  government school.The Distric Collector Mr PG Thomas, guest of the day  motivated the students to strive hard for excellence. He gave the ACMI SCHOLARSHIP to the meritorious students. The function was presided over by Rev Dr  Paul Achandy CMI .The function was culminated by the secretary. Mr Papachen George.



Imagine a tree by your name


A novel scheme to create awareness of environmental concern among students was inaugurated at Devamatha School by. Mr. Joseph Thomas, Asst Forest Conservator. He highlighted the   importance of two main Project of the Forest “My Tree and Our Tree ‘Sapling was distributed to all the Students. When a sapling is planted by a person he/she becomes the custodian of the plant. This will foster environmental concerns among the people especially the younger generation. It is proposed to expand the novel scheme outside the school premises by asking the family members of the students to plant saplings in their house premises so that the locality has many trees.

Students of Std IX attended a seminar on the death messenger- Endosulfan which was conducted by the final year students of Jubilee Mission College. They highlighted on the harmful effect of spraying endosulfan. This pesticide not only increased the output but also spoilt the beauty of the land and caused cancer, cerebral palsy and many more. The main aim of the seminar was to raise awareness, and to introduce Insignica a concert to raise funds for the victims.     


 Students of Std VII to X took part in the Collage and Poster Designing competition held in connection with the World Environment Day. This gave them a chance to communicate through the colourful world of artistry and imagination   on how to become an environment savvy and protect her from total destruction.



Hearty Welcome

Devamatha family gave a warm welcome to Rev Fr Paul Achandy who took the post of Provincial of Devamatha Province Thrissur and Manager of Devamatha School


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