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Environmental Day Celebrated with Enthusiasm at Devamatha CMI Public School


Devamatha CMI Public School marked Environmental Day with a vibrant celebration aimed at raising awareness and promoting sustainable practices among students and faculty. The event, attended by Fr. Joice Elevathingal CMI, Principal, and Fr. George Kallukkaran, Councillor for Finance and Agriculture, CMI, highlighted the school's commitment to environmental conservation and education.

Students actively participated in a range of activities designed to foster environmental consciousness. These activities included tree planting drives, recycling campaigns, and engaging workshops on biodiversity and eco-friendly practices. Fr. Joice Elevathingal CMI emphasized the importance of preserving nature and urged students to take proactive steps in their daily lives to protect the environment.

Fr. George Kallukkaran, in his address, applauded the school's initiatives and encouraged students to embrace sustainable lifestyles. He stressed the role of education in shaping responsible environmental stewards and commended Devamatha CMI Public School for integrating environmental awareness into its curriculum and extracurricular activities.

The celebration of Environmental Day at Devamatha CMI Public School not only reinforced the school's dedication to environmental stewardship but also inspired students to become advocates for a greener future. Through education and action, the school continues to empower its community to make a positive impact on the environment and contribute to global sustainability efforts.